9 FREE TREATMENTS worth £45.00

How would you like £135 to spend at our salon plus 9 FREE TREATMENTS worth £45.00

Total Value £180.00….TOTALLY FREE for YOU!

Ok I know this sounds completely crazy but we want to give you £135 to spend at our salon. We also want to give 9 FREE deep conditioning treatments as prescribed by your designer (value £45.00).

You can start getting your FREE STUFF straight away by simply joining our recommend a friend programme. This is a referral scheme like no other… not only does it see YOU get £180.00 worth of services at the salon COMPLETELY FREE but your friends get up to 50% off their visit too.

I strongly believe that you should be rewarded for introducing new clients to our business because lets face it….I would rather reward you for sending me business than giving it to over priced advertising campaigns that’s for sure! That’s fair right? Well we all think so here at HAIRBORNE!

So here is how it works….you join our referral scheme by collecting 9 of our recommend a friend cards from your designer at your next visit, or pop in anytime to collect them. Or if you live out of town call us on 01674 676415 and ask us to post them to you. Then all you have to do is hand them to your family and friends raving about your designer at HAIRBORNE and hay presto….they will be calling our booking line on 01674 676415 and we will be crediting your account!

Each time you introduce a friend to the salon YOU get £15 to use at your next visit along with a FREE express conditioning Treatment with relaxing head massage to die for!…total value to you from each friend £20.00

The discount for your friend will be 50% off their first visit. We make this very generous so they can’t refuse which means more in your account for YOU.

We love getting new clients at HAIRBORNE and we love rewarding our loyal ones too.

So what are you waiting for? Join our recommend a friend programme straight away…the sooner you do the sooner your account gets packed with nearly £180 in value

Remember you can also call us to post the cards out to you on 01674 676415